Of Vice and Men

Session 1

The Dark Below

After an altercation in a bar due to an unknown indiscretion, the cambion Meiservus awakens to find himself caged in a dank jail cell, deprived of his weapons and backpack. Unsure of how much time has elapsed, and his location, he makes various attempts at alternately trying to make himself known, to ascertain whether there is anyone else near him, and to get out of the cage. After several of these attempts, he realises that there is indeed someone else there… someone with long, hairy appendages, who is secured in the cell adjacent to his own. His newfound companion is somewhat sparing with her words, but does inform him that he has been taken captive by the Drow.

Now more determined to leave, he requests help from his co-captive, who sends this in the form of a small spider which begins to undo the lock to his cell. Meiservus attempts to make small talk while the creature works, discovering little besides the other prisoners name; Haeldreza Illoara. During this time Meiservus manages to wrench free a bar from the cell which, while not providing enough space to allow him to escape, does provide a nice heavy lump of metal. When it becomes apparent that the spider has done all it can, he uses said instrument to batter the partially undone lock open, terrifying the helpful spider in the process. Immediately retrieving his weapons and explorers pack, Meiservus finally turns to lay eyes upon the other captive.

Lounging in the corner of her cell is what looks like a humanoid sitting on top of a huge arachnid. As she raises herself, hunched in the confined height of the cell, and moves towards him into the light Meiservus realises that it is in fact one being, a rather attractive, pale elf with the lower half of a giant spider. Meiservus attempts to negotiate terms for her release, however it would appear that Haeldreza is not as helpless as she appears. After shedding the remains of her human clothes, she obscures the cell and most of the room with magical darkness, which recedes to reveal her standing over Meiservus, the door of her cell flapping uselessly behind her.

As the pair begin to explore, Meiservus attempts to find out more about both his new companion (‘Haely’, as he presumptuously begins to refer to her) and the place he has been brought to. The antechamber to the prison cells appears abandoned and in disarray, and Meiservus quickly leaves Haely to see what the next room holds. It is seemingly a refectory, and is in a similar state… except for the strange, floating being which hovers on the distant side of the room, seemingly unaware of Meiservus appearance.

After beckoning a somewhat indifferent Haely to come and identify the creature, the pair re-enter the room. Haely’s reaction is to back up the wall onto the ceiling, encouraging Meiservus to remain silent. Quiet subtlety does not seem to be his strong suit, however, and as he tries to communicate with the creature is overcome by a feeling of calm sedation. The creature seems to speak directly into his thoughts when it tells him not to be afraid. When he tries to ask it what it is and what is occurring, it tells him to remain calm… which he does, as he produces a flame and tosses it casually across the room, immolating the creature completely in a single motion.

As soon as the creature was gone, the mental effect it had caused in Meiservus evaporated with it. Upon questioning Haely, the creature turned out to be a ‘Flumph’, a gentle, inherently good entity who had presumably meant Meiservus no harm, and may have been able to provide information about the current state of the abandoned caverns they had found themselves in. Upon finding out all of this, irritating though it was to still be totally in the dark about what had caused the Drow to abandon their stronghold, Meiservus was pretty glad that he’d burnt the little goody two shoes alive…

Moving on with newfound confidence Meiservus continues to explore, a somewhat bemused Haely following at a distance. After passing numerous rooms of little import, Meiservus eventually comes upon an unconscious male drow, collapsed in a bedchamber. Despite attempting to be quiet, he wakes the figure upon approach, who instinctively attacks; spraying him in the face with noxious substance. Recovering quickly, but still in significant pain, a severely pissed off Meiservus puts his blade to the drow’s throat and begins to interrogate him. The dark elf appears confused and disorientated, unsure of who, or what, is responsible for the sudden depopulation of the cave system; if they continue the way they are going they will reach a magical cache, but he cannot say exactly where; he does not know if there is anyone else alive. The one solid fact that Meiservus manages to glean is the name of the area; Szith Morcane. With no more information seemingly forthcoming, he decapitates the helpless elf, leaves the room and kicks the head to Haely, explaining what he has discovered. Her face is inscrutable as she states she will “see how far their alliance can take them…”

The pair continue on until they find the magic store. It has been ransacked, with the only remaining item of note being a health potion which Meiservus pockets. Meiservus takes a short rest, recuperating from his encounter with the survivor, while Haely comes and goes, presumably exploring the surrounding rooms. When Meiservus rejoins her, it is not long before they reach the final underground settlement of Szith Morcane, and the entrance to the surface. Despite Meiservus encouragement, Haley refuses to accompany him. They agree to meet when he returns, and a seemingly disinterested Haely scuttles off back into the underdark. Meiservus opens the gateway from the abandoned subterranean lair, and emerges into bright, shining sunlight… and a nice field of daisies.

After hovering into the air to establish his surroundings, and noting a moderate sized city in the distance, Meiservus lands and uses the produce flame cantrip to burn a large circle around the entrance to Szith Morcane; a sign only really notable from the air. This achieved he begins his journey toward the distant city on foot, lulled into a sense of calm by the warm sun and prospect of new people to upset. As it turns out, this calm is to be short lived.



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