Of Vice and Men

Session 2

But... My NIECE! Her FACE!

  • Fight a bunch of cats
  • Enter Faversham
  • Ask about accommodation – Quill Smith’s Tavern – 5gp
  • Arrange to meet Guard at East Docks for sleep over
  • Encounter college trip
  • Kidnap girl
  • Go straight to bar
  • Have drink and abandon girl inside
  • Winston’s Whimsical Wizarding Supplies
  • Cops appear, escorted to the station
  • Midway find market plaza – attempt to blend in with performers
  • Little to moderate success
  • Accidentally burn the girls face with wayward fire
  • Attempt to make way back to her to distract guards
  • Convince guards to bring Meiservus “niece”
  • Dragged off to a jail
  • Interrogated, but refuses to answer questions, demanding only information regarding Szith Morcane and his “niece”
  • Dragged to cell downstairs, waiting to be seen by Noreak
  • Before long, incites a fight between several prisoners
  • Guards attend, and Meiservus incites a mini riot
  • In the chaos, he flies out of the prison, but leaves the key dropped by the guard inside, so has to hold the door closed
  • Two more guards appear behind him at the stairs
  • Uh oh…




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